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Hello, my name is "Pat", Patricia D. McClendon, and I am interested in health and mental health issues, and especially in the effects of all types of trauma on the minds and bodies of survivors. Identifying and communicating effective treatment protocol for trauma survivors is, in part, what I hope this home page accomplishes. I am most interested in dissociative disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Be sure to visit the Ego-State Therapy and the Int'l. Society for the Study of Dissociation web sites. I have been a member of Int'l. Society for the Study of Dissociation, ISSD, formerly called the Int'l. Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Dissociation, ISSMP&D, since 1988.

Since web sites' content change all the time, a web surfer warning is in order. An old AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) saying: "Take what you need and leave the rest" applies to the "links" at my web site as well as the rest of the Internet. Click here to hear a welcome message (69 Kb .wav, 8 Bit, Mono).

Special note to survivors: Please make sure that "support" is available to you before venturing to any abuse/support websites!

Articles that I have written:

bullet"Multiplicity and Victimization: What part of `No!' don't you understand? vs. What part of you doesn't understand `No!'?" (long) or just the ABSTRACT
bullet"Integration" (short)
bullet"Trauma-related symptoms/illnesses" (short)
bullet"Analysis of Patty Duke and her book, CALL ME ANNA" - includes links (medium)
bullet"Analysis of Eartha Kitt and her book, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX KITTEN" - includes links and images of Eartha Kitt (medium)
bullet"Incest/Sexual Abuse of Children" (medium)
bullet"Systems Theory and Incest/Sexual Abuse of Children: Focus on Families and Communities" (long)
bullet"The Mind-Body Connection: Somatization IS a complex phenomenon ...." (short)
bullet"Recommendations for Home of the Innocents, HOTI" (medium)
bullet"Splitting vs. Dissociation: Definitions" (very short)
bullet"12-Stepping" (very short)
bullet3 articles about "Smoketown" - An African American Community in Louisville, Kentucky:
  1. "'Smoketown': Out of sight, out of mind" (medium) - This is an imagined dialogue between a social worker who views communities largely as structural / functional systems and a social worker who views communities largely as arenas of conflict.
  2. "Smoketown" (Neighborhood Analysis) (medium) - See paper for specifics of the assignment.
  3. "Smoketown" (Organizational Change Strategy) (medium) - See paper for specifics of the assignment.

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