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Articles on the Internet & Books by Professionals

Sources for Books, Audio/Video tapes

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Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General

The Int'l. Society for the Study of Dissociation, ISSD: "Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) in Adults" (1997)

Ego  State Therapy featuring the works of "Jack", John G. Watkins and Helen H. Watkins:

bullet"Ego-State Therapy: An Overview"
bullet"Accessing the Relevant Areas of Maladaptive Personality Functioning"
bullet"Ego-State Therapy: Bibliography"
bullet"Dealing with the problem of "false memory" in clinic and court"
bullet"Hypnotic Abreactions in the Recovery of Traumatic Memories"

Gift From Within - PTSD Resources for Survivors and Caregivers - Complete list of articles, Videos ...

bulletPost Traumatic Therapy by Frank Ochberg
bullet Understanding the Victims of Spousal Abuse by Frank Ochberg
bulletThe Counting Method for Ameliorating Traumatic Memories by Frank Ochberg
bulletBound by a Trauma Called Columbine by Frank Ochberg
bulletSchool Disaster: Planning and Initial Interventions by Dr. Kathi Nader and Dr. Robert Pynoos
bulletInner City Children of Trauma: Urban Violence Traumatic Stress Response Syndrome (U-VTS) and Therapists' Responses by Erwin Randolph Parson
bulletCultivating Resiliency by Carl C. Bell, M.D.
bulletPTSD 101 for Journalists by Frank Ochberg, M.D.
bulletSurvivors and The Media by Elaine Silvestrini
bulletSurviving the Crash: Stress Reactions of Motor Vehicle Accident Victims by Tara E. Galovski, Ph.D. & Connie Veazey, M.A.

Bureau of Justice Statistics: "Prior Abuse Reported by Inmates and Probationers"

Maytal Ltd. - Israel Institute for Treatment of Study of Stress - Online Articles : English versions

American Journal of Psychiatry, AJP Online

AMA Archives of General Psychiatry - Past Issues

"Quality of Life and Symptom Profiles of Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse". Jan-Feb Arch Fam Med. 1999;835-43] (c)

Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with the possibility of Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse" (June 1996) at the NASW-Kentucky website. The bibliography has links to articles online.

"Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with the Possibility of Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse" (June 1996) at the NASW website in the Social Work Practice Issues section or ...

Abuse, Memory, Science, Therapy, Ethics & Malpractice
Memory, Abuse, and Science: Questioning Claims about the False Memory Syndrome Epidemic
Science As Careful Questioning: Are Claims of a False Memory Syndrome Epidemic Based on Empirical Evidence? plus abstracts, research findings and tables of research findings

"Woman Wins Suit Claiming Therapists Invoked Traumatic Memories" (11/05/97) by Pam Belluck at The New York Times website - You must register to use the website.  After doing so, use the Search to find these and other related articles. (An e-mail version of this article which was forwarded to me was entitled:   "'Memory' Therapy  Leads to a Lawsuit and Big Settlement" (11/06/97) by Pam Belluck)

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

"Illinois Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Protocol: A Report to the General Assembly Concerning the Implementation and Validation of the Protocol" ("REPORT TO LEGISLATURE SHOWS DECLINE IN  REPEAT CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT")

Patience Press See Post-Traumatic Gazette PTSD and Trauma Page for several articles:


"Editorial: False Memory Syndrome vs. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome: The Big Lie" by Patience Mason in False Memory Syndrome - Issue 4 of the Post-Traumatic Gazette


PTSD & the 12 Steps - Issue 3 of the Post-Traumatic Gazette

False Memory Syndrome Foundation - FMSF Newsletter 4.8 See: "THE DEVIL & DR. BRAUN" by Matt Keenan (New City, Chicago June 22-28, 1995). This article is related to the two New York Times article, listed above.

"Dealing with the problem of "false memory" in clinic and court" by John G. Watkins, Ph. D. (The Journal of Psychiatry & Law/Fall 1993, Pages 297 - 317)

Multiple Personality Disorder by Paul R. McHugh (skeptical view of multiple personality disorder)

The Wounded Healer Journal (TWHJ)

National Guideline Clearinghouse
Disease / Condition : Mental Disorders
Treatment/Intervention : Screening for suicide risk
"Lesbians More Likely to Have Been Abused as Children, Survey Indicates"
In The LETTER (Louisville, KY), December 1997, p. 12
(Permission granted to post here.)
[edited from The Washington Blade])
A new survey of 418 women in Chicago concludes that lesbians are more likely to have been sexually abused as children. It also found that lesbians were less likely to abuse alcohol than heterosexual women, but they were more likely to have attempted suicide. Domestic violence rates were about the same.

Twice as many lesbians reported sexual abuse before the age of fifteen, compared to heterosexual women. 29% of all the lesbians surveyed reported such abuse. More black lesbians than white lesbians said they were victims. 48% of lesbians, and 45% of heterosexual women, said they had contemplated suicide, but only 8% of the latter had actually attempted it, compared to 18% of the lesbians surveyed.

The survey also found that 19% of the heterosexual women were earning over $76,000 annually, while only 9% of the lesbians had incomes at that same level. Nearly half of both groups had advanced degrees and earned median incomes of $21-35,000 annually.

The study was published in the most recent issue of the Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (Volume 3, Number 1 March 1999): "Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Related Sequelae in a Lesbian Population" by Susan J. Roberts, DNSc, and Lena Sorenson PhD, RN

INGLE COPIES of current and past issues are available from Kluwer Academic Publishers (formerly Plenum Publishing Corporation).

Sidran Foundation Online - Click on "Resources" which includes:

bullet"Dissociative Disorder Glossary"
bullet"Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) Brochure"
bullet"Traumatic Memories Brochure"
bullet"The Effects of DID On Children of Trauma Survivors"
bulletand "Tips for Survivors".
bulletCHAPTER 13: "Parents As Partners in the Treatment of Dissociative Children" by Frances S. Waters, M.S.W., from The Dissociative Child: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management, Edited by Joyanna L. Silberg, Ph.D. and Foreword by Richard P. Kluft, M.D. Available at the Sidran Foundation Bookshelf.
ChildTrauma Academy (CIVITAS ChildTrauma Programs)
Interview with Bruce D. Perry about the CIVITAS ChildTrauma Program
Professional Series - Focus on Specific Professions
Mental Health - Neurobiological Sequelae of Childhood Trauma: Post traumatic Stress Disorders in Children by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
Mental Health - The Post-Traumatic Response in Children and Adolescents by Eitan D. Schwarz, MD, FAPA, FAACAP and Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
Pediatrics - Post-traumatic Stress Disorders in Children and Adolescents by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D. and Ishnella Azad

Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma See:

bulletDissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS)
bulletDissociative Experiences Scale (DES)
bulletThe Trauma Model and more

Psychological Online Documents - University of Bonn

The Attachment Center at Evergreen - See "Articles and Studies"

bullet"Correlation Between Bipolar Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder" by John F. Alston, M.D. 
I wonder what the correlation between Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and Dissociative Disorders is? And, how RAD clients score on the DES and DDID See: Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma See: Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS); Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES); The Trauma Model; and more at Colin A. Ross' web site.

"Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Children and Adolescents" by Diana Teresa de Avila, MS. Ed, School Psychologist

McLean Hospital Psychiatric Updates
Vol. I, No. 3 - A Promising Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder
The National Council on the Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, NCSAC
See their NCSAC Position papers and other articles, including:
"How to recognize the signs of sexual addiction: Asking the right questions may uncover serious problems" by Jennifer P. Schneider, MD, PhD

Phillips Graduate Institute - Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy - to list just a few:

bullet"Children at risk for reactive attachment disorder: assessment, diagnosis and treatment" by Keith Reber, M.A. This articles discusses the use of a controversial therapy called Holding Therapy which was originally developed by Robert Zazlow to treat infantile autism. The author believes that it can be an effective therapy for certain client populations. Holding therapy has been used to treat reactive attachment disorder (RAD), childhood autism, martial discord, and dissociative identity disorder (DID). The Int'l. Society for the Study of Dissociation, ISSD, does not endorse this method of therapy. See ISSD's "Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) in Adults" (1997)
bullet"A Narrative Context for Conversations with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse" by Frank Baird, M.A.
bullet"My Two Moms: Issues and Concerns of Lesbian Couples Raising Sons" by Katherine Cortez, M.A.
bullet"The 'Coming Out' Process as Differentiation: A Bowenian Perspective for the Gay or Lesbian Client" by Kirby Tepper, M.A.
bullet"Cultural Aspects of Marital Violence in First Generation Immigrant Korean-American Families" by Tong Ho Kim, M.A.
bullet"The Connection Between Anorexia Nervosa and Achievement in Modern Society - A Review" by Nancy Sondon-Hagopian
bullet"Living on Both Sides of the Fence: Gay Male Couples With Children" by Richard Brewer, M.A.
bullet"An Idealized System Design for a Lesbian Couple Desiring a Long Term Relationship" by Christine Logan, M.A.

"Treating the Denying Sex Offender" by Charlene Steen, Ph.D., J.D. at the Sexual Assault Information Page. Also see other resources in the Offenders and Professional Abuse section of that website.

Ralph Allison's "All About Multiple Personality" website See Ralph's published and unpublished articles.


bullet"The Impressions of a Man: An Objective Forensic Guideline To Profiling Violent Serial Sex Offenders" by Brent Turvey
bullet"Dangerousness: Predicting Recidivism in Violent Sex Offenders" by Brent Turvey

"Domestic Violence Factoids" by Richard J. Gelles

Working therapeutically with self and system's Family Therapy - Papers to Download

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, AAMFT
See selected articles: Clinical Updates

"Integration" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Multiplicity and Victimization: What part of `No!' don't you understand? vs. What part of you doesn't understand `No!'? by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

Kate Orman's Domestic Violence: Documents

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Resources - (Daniel Jay Sonkin, Ph.D.) - Book chapters and articles

THE VIRTUAL FACULTY: Narrative Therapy

bullet"The Social Construction of our 'Inner' Lives" by John Shotter and many other articles.

Narrative Therapy - See A Bibliography for Narrative Therapy by Natalka Sawchuk

Intellectual currents of the twentieth century by James Heartfield

"Re-authoring the stories we work by: Situating the narrative approach in the presence of the family of therapists" by Bruce Hart

Julie Brickman's article: "Female Lives, Feminist Deaths: The Relationship of the Montréal Massacre to Dissociation, Incest, and Violence Against Women" (broken link ... still looking for it.)

"Splitting vs. Dissociation: Definitions" prepared by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Nadine Strossen - The Pornography Industry's Wet Dream" by Diana E. H. Russell ("How many ACLU lawyers does it take to screw over women harmed by porn? Try this one.")

"Rape Trauma Syndrome in Male Prisoners" by Stephen Donaldson

"An Annotated Trauma Case History: Somatic Trauma Therapy" and other articles by Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW (Body-Psychotherapist)

"The Mind-Body Connection: Somatization IS a complex phenomenon ..." by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Trauma-related symptoms/illnesses" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

NOMSV - The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization (formerly M.A.L.E.) - Men Assisting Leading & Educating - a non-profit organization dedicated to healing male survivors of sexual abuse. Also see "Articles by Professionals" and "Articles by Survivors and Other Non-Professionals" in the Adult Survivors, Adolescent Survivors, Families and Professionals sections of their website. See "Articles by Professionals" and "Articles by Survivors and Other Non-Professionals" in the Adult Survivors, Adolescent Survivors, Families and Professionals sections of their website.

Dr. Marc Feldman's Munchausen Syndrome & Factitious Disorders Page

Trauma Treatment Manual by Edward L. Schmookler, Ph.D. (originally prepared to help treat rape victims in Bosnia)

"Child Abuse And Multiple Personality Disorder" by Philip M. Coons, M.D.

"Recommendations for Home of the Innocents (HOTI) Regarding Therapeutic Intervention" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Analysis of Patty Duke and her book, CALL ME ANNA" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Analysis of Eartha Kitt and her book, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX KITTEN" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW. Images of Eartha Kitt added to her article.

David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages

Trauma Articles includes the following articles:

bullet"The Etiology of Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders" by Jim Goodwin, Psy.D.
bullet"The Body Keeps the Score: Memory and the evolving psychobiology of post traumatic stress" by van der Kolk (1994)
bullet"Dissociation and the Fragmentary Nature of Traumatic Memories: Overview and Exploratory Study" by van der Kolk & Fisler (1995)
bullet"Childhood Trauma, the Neurobiology of Adaptation, and Use-dependent Development of the Brain: How States Become Traits" by Bruce Perry et al
bullet"A role for Prospective Longitudinal Investigations in the Study of Traumatic Stress and Disasters" by John B. Reid
bullet"Approaches to the Treatment of PTSD" by van der Kolk et al
bullet"An Evolutionary By-Product of the Neural Regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System" by Stephen W. Porges
bullet"Innovation, Controversy, and Consensus in Traumatology" by David V. Baldwin
bullet"Psychological Foundations of Traumatic Incident Reduction: TIR in a Nutshell"
bulletand many other articles including the two articles, below, which are also at other sites.

Australian Trauma Web (formerly Psych Trauma Pages)

The Center: Post-Traumatic & Dissociative Disorders Program (Washington, DC)

bullet"The Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders: An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment"
bullet"Abuse, Trauma, and Dissociative Disorders: Educational Resources"

"Overview of multiple personality disorder" by William H. Smith, Ph.D.

C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture - Jungian Articles

John M. Grohol's Mental Health Net - "Click" on "Reading Room"

Ottawa Recovered Memory Task Group - See "Articles of Interest" including:

bullet"Dissociation: Natures Tincture of Numbing and Forgetting" - By David L. Calof
bullet"Bearing Witness to the Patriarchal Revictimization of Survivors" - by Connie M. Krist
bullet"What Psychologists Better Know About Recovered Memories, Research, Lawsuits, and the Pivotal Experiment" by Kenneth Pope
bulletand other articles.

"Memories of Child Abuse: Some Scholarly Research and Resources" - by Jim Hopper, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

"Some Statistics, Research and Resources on Child Abuse" by Jim Hopper, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

"Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence and Lasting Effects" by Jim Hopper, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

"Incest/Sexual Abuse of Children" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Systems Theory and Incest/Sexual Abuse of Children: Focus on Families and Communities" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery (Canada) (4/10/2000 - Having server problems.) - Library Articles including:

bullet"Law Enforcement And Child Abuse" - by Patricia A. Graves, and Suzanne M. Sgroi
bullet"Common Symptoms - Abuse Related Illnesses" - by Jason Black
bulletand other articles.

"DSB Report: Post Traumatic Stress and Somatoform Disorders" Defense Science Board Task Force on Persian Gulf War Health Effects.

The Critical Criminology: Victimization

APA's Warning signs of trauma-related stress

APA's brochures

"The Criminal Responsibility of People with Multiple Personality Disorder" by Professor Elyn R. Saks

Dual Diagnosis Website - Kathleen Sciacca, M.A.
Articles written by Kathleen and other authors:
bullet"An Integrated Treatment Approach for Severely Mentally Ill Individuals with Substance Disorders"
bullet"The Family and the Dually Diagnosed Patient"
bullet"Abstract: Program Development and Integrated Treatment Across Systems for Dual Diagnosis: Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, MIDAA"
bullet"On Co-occurring Addictive and Mental Disorders: A Brief History of the Origins of Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Program Development"
bullet"New Initiatives in the Treatment of the Chronic Patient with Alcohol/Substance Use Problems"
bullet"Alcohol/Substance Abuse Programs at New York State Psychiatric Centers Develop and Expand..."
bullet"Program Initiatives for Dually-Diagnosed at Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center"
bullet"Treatment Issues in Developmental Psychology: Adolescent Separation".

"12-Stepping" by Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW

"Self-Injury: You are Not the only one" (an Self-Injury FAQ)

"Violence in the Public Schools" by Hal Burbach

THE PHOENIX: Recovery, Renewal, Growth

CIMH (Computers in Mental Health) - See their Articles and papers

"Gateways to Social Work/Welfare on the Net" (C&RL NewsNet: March 1998 Vol. 59 No. 3) by Edward H. Summers

Sage Publications - Journals Listings

Articles that I have written

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Books by Professionals

If you would like me to list your book (and web site), please send me a copy of book (not returnable) for my review. I reserve the right not to list your book, however, if I deem it inappropriate for any reason. Listing of books here does not necessarily mean that I whole-heartedly endorse them because I do not have time to read all books submitted.
2 books by Leland M. Heller, M.D.
1. Biological Unhappiness: finding out what's wrong and fixing it : Table of Contents
2. Life at the Border: Understanding and recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder : Table of Contents

"Ego States: Theory and Therapy" by John G. Watkins and Helen Huth Watkins. (W W Norton & Co.; Hardcover, 256 pages; $35.00; ISBN:0-393-70259-6). Also available at "Ego States: Theory and Therapy". Jack and Helen, thanks for the autographed copy!

Inner Strengths : Contemporary Psychotherapy and Hypnosis for Ego-Strengthening (Lea Series in Personality and Clinical Psychology)
Claire Frederick, Shirley McNeal / Hardcover / 1999 / $39.95
Foreword written by "Jack", John G. Watkins and Helen H. Watkins

Pathways to Peace by Dr. Victor La Cerva. Proceeds go to the Heal Foundation

Voice Dialogue International with Hal Stone, Ph.D. & Sidra Stone, Ph.D. are the creators of Voice Dialogue ... commercial website. See their Reading Room.

The Works of Charles Whitfield - selected excerpts of his books

The Mental Health Technology Bible

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Sources for Books, Audio tapes, and Video tapes

Al Strickland's CDs - "My Love Belongs To You - Soothing music from the soul of keyboardist Al Strickland" and "The Art of Christmas" are excellent. I highly recommend them. Click here for more detail on how to "hear before you buy" and to see one of his CD covers.

Allyn & Bacon Books, Inc. - Books Search by Keyword; Search by Author, Title, and Subject; or Power Search

American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

Forensic Science Bookstore

Healthsource Bookstore On-Line - a division of American Psychiatric Association

New York University Press

Powell's Books

WonderWare, Inc. Family System Diagramming: Genogram and Ecomap software demos

W W Norton & Co. - Professional Books - Psychology

Yahoo! : Business and Economy : Shopping and Services

bulletBooks : Booksellers : Health : Mental Health
bulletBook Search Services

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