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March 24, 2005: I am the Director of Geriatric Psychiatry for the Caritas Peace Center in Louisville, KY. I have an immediate opening for a full time CSW or LCSW to work on our state of the art Geriatric inpatient program. This is a full time position, M - F, days, with full benefits. New grads are welcome. I can be reached via e mail or at (502) 479-4167. Thanks

Dominic Spano
Director of Geriatric Psychiatry
Caritas Peace Center
2020 Newburg Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205
(502) 479-4167

Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General

February 16, 1999

Transgender and Crossdressing Resources

Treatment Centers

November 7, 1997

Lawyers for a woman "said that insurance companies for two doctors and the hospital, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's, had agreed to pay $10.6 million, the biggest settlement in a lawsuit alleging that therapists had instilled false memories and part of a growing legal backlash against therapies that try to elicit suppressed recollections." -- "Woman Wins Suit Claiming Therapists Invoked Traumatic Memories" (11/05/97) by Pam Belluck

The doctors are: Dr. Elva Poznanski, the hospital's section chief of child and adolescent psychiatry and Dr. Bennett G. Braun, director of the hospital's section of psychiatric trauma

See these related articles:

"Woman Wins Suit Claiming Therapists Invoked Traumatic Memories" (11/05/97) by Pam Belluck at The New York Times website. You must register to use the website.  After doing so, use the Search to find these and other related articles. (An e-mail version of this article which was forwarded to me was entitled:  "'Memory' Therapy  Leads to a Lawsuit and Big Settlement" (11/06/97) by Pam Belluck)

False Memory Syndrome Foundation and FMS Articles including FMSF Newsletter 4.8 - "THE DEVIL & DR. BRAUN" by Matt Keenan (New City, Chicago June 22-28, 1995). This article is related to the two New York Times article, listed above.

"Dealing with the problem of "false memory" in clinic and court" by John G. Watkins, Ph. D. (The Journal of Psychiatry & Law/Fall 1993, Pages 297 - 317)

The Int'l. Society for the Study of Dissociation, ISSD: "Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) in Adults" (1997)

"Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with the Possibility of Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse" (June 1996) at the NASW website in the Social Work Practice Issues section or ...

"Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with the possibility of Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse" (June 1996) at the NASW-KY website

Multiple Personality Disorder by Paul R. McHugh (skeptical view of multiple personality disorder)

October 12, 1997

bulletJust released - "Ego States: Theory and Therapy" by John G. Watkins and Helen Huth Watkins. (W W Norton & Co.; Hardcover, 256 pages; $35.00; ISBN: 0393702596). Also see the Ego-State Therapy web page.
bullet14th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD),  November 8-11, in Montréal, Canada. Registration Form.
bulletInternational Society for Traumatic Stress Studies's 1997 Conference: Montréal, Canada. November 6 -10, 1997. ISTSS web site.

February 16, 1997

How to subscribe to Peter Barach's Dissociative Disorders mailing list

Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 03:45:57 -0800 (PST)
From: "Peter M. Barach"
To: "Patricia D. McClendon"
Subject: Subscribing

If you'd post this on your home page, I'd appreciate it.

A mailing list for those interested in discussing diagnosis, treatment, and research of dissociative disorders. The list is open to licensed mental health professionals and their supervisees, graduate students enrolled in a mental health curriculum, and researchers who have published on relevant topics in peer-reviewed journals. To subscribe, please do both of the following:

(1) Fax or snail-mail proof of credentials to me:

Peter M. Barach, Ph.D.
5851 Pearl Road, Suite 305
Parma Heights, Ohio 44130 USA
Phone: Voice-216-845-9011 (press 6 if you get voice mail) Fax-216-845-9013

(2) Post a message to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU that contains the single line:

SUBSCRIBE DISSOC your full name

Note: You may include abbreviations for your profession after your name, e.g.,



If you need further information, email me at

Also see how to subscribe to this list (as well as others) at InterPsych Forums

February 15, 1997 - Available at ...

Rivera, Margo. (1996). More Alike Than Different: Treating Severely Dissociative Trauma Survivors. University of Toronto Press: Toronto. ISBN 0-8020-0450-4 (cloth) or ISBN 0 9020-7238-0 (paper)

Back to Gender Resources or
Back to "Multiplicity and Victimization: ... " sub-section: FEMINIST ANALYSIS OF MULTIPLE PERSONALITY

I just received my copy of Margo Rivera's book (above) and after glancing it over, I'm glad I re-read her earlier article:

Rivera, Margo. (1989). "Linking the Psychological and the Social: Feminism, Poststructuralism, and Multiple Personality", DISSOCIATION, II(1), 24-30.

because it appears that she has built upon it. For those of you who hadn't read her article, it appears that she does cover it in her new book.

---- begin - inside of front cover -----

"Just as the prevalence of incest and child sexual abuse was a well-kept secret until recently, the phenomenon of multiply personality -- recently relabelled dissociative identity disorder (DID) -- has been dismissed or downplayed. In her practice as a psychologist, Margo Rivera has found this to be no coincidence.

Confirming that the root of most severe dissociative conditions lies in trauma, most commonly child abuse, Rivera discusses the general historical and social contexts of dissociation and uses clinical theory, case vignettes, and recorded personal experience to provide practical guidance to its diagnosis and treatment. She also addresses the controversies around 'False Memory Syndrome' and ritual abuse, issues which currently divide professionals treating trauma survivors.

Rivera makes a unique contribution to the treatment of lesbian and gay survivors of abuse. She theorizes that all sexuality is a social construct, subject to change over an individual's lifetime, a reality that is nowhere more clear than in highly dissociative individuals, who may identify themselves as alternatively heterosexual female, gay male, lesbian, and heterosexual male.

Insightful and provocative, this important therapeutic guide will be of interest to professionals who treat trauma survivors as well as to their clients.

Margo Rivera is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and co-director of the Personality Disorders Service at Kingston Psychiatric Hospital."

---- end - inside of front cover -----

----------begin - back cover ---------

"There are many ways in which to place severe dissociative dissociation in context, but the most basic way is to look hard at the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural contexts in which the inequities of capitalist patriarchy are constructed and secured. We live in a society which is structured so that everyone has at least one -- and usually more than one -- individual to blame for the abuses of power that are so keenly felt and seldom clearly seen within a system developed to benefit the privileged few. The phenomenon of widespread physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children is institutionalized patriarchy laid bare. It is one of the most potent tools that we have as a society for creating and maintaining basic power differentials and then masking them so that they seem like an individual's personal problem."

----------- end - back cover ---------

Happy reading!

Available at Books or (or

Phone:1-800-201-7575 (or 1-206-346-2992)FAX: 1-206-346-2950

List Price: 24.95 (paper)(ISBN 0 9020-7238-0)'s Price: 22.46 (paper)(ISBN 0 9020-7238-0)

Shipping: 3.95 (U.S. Mail - Priority)

Total: 26.41

EMDR Discussion with Francine Shapiro at Behavior OnLine, Inc. (a.k.a.,

April 9, 1996:

Several new articles on the Ego-State Therapy web page.

April 1, 1996:

Accessing the Relevant Areas of Maladaptive Personality Functioning article by John G. Watkins, Ph.D., and Helen H. Watkins, M.A.

March 23, 1996:

Ego-State Therapy web page featuring the works of John G. Watkins, Ph.D., and Helen H. Watkins, M.A., originators of ego-state therapy in the early 1970's.

March 16, 1996:

ISTSS, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies On Line New location!

Feb. 1, 1996:

When: Sunday, Feb. 4, 1996 at 10 p.m. EST
Who: Maya Angelou, celebrated poet, is profiled on Lifetime's (cable TV) "Intimate Portrait". This program will be narrated by Oprah Winfrey. Despite the many traumatic experiences she has survived, Ms. Angelou emphasizes love and hope rather than hate and despair. I'm always inspired by her and her life's work. This program is sure to re-run several times.

Source: Tom Dorsey's (TV-Radio Critic) daily column, Thursday, Feb. 1, 1996.

Dec. 28, 1995:

updated2.gif (960 bytes) 3-5-98 David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages, Bookshelf: "Childhood Trauma, the Neurobiology of Adaptation and Use-dependent Development of the Brain: How States Become Traits", by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., Ronnie A. Pollard, M.D., Toi L. Blakley, M.D., William L. Baker, M.S., and Domenico Vigilante.

Nov. 21, 1995 and Feb. 1, 1996:
The Journal of Traumatic Stress, Volume 8, Number 4, Oct. 1995 is a Special Issue on Traumatic Memory Research. Updated as per info received from Jim Hopper. To receive a copy write to: J.S. Canner and Company, 10 Charles Street, Needham Heights, MA 02194, (617) 449-9103. The price for individuals is $17 and $58 for institutions. Thanks to Jim and to David H. Gleaves, Ph.D., for informing the dissociative disorders mailing list members about this special issue; and to Martha L. Rogers, Ph.D., who wrote that the journal subscription is included in a membership in the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. You can write them at ISTSS, 60 Revere Drive, Suite 500, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, tel 708-480-9028, fax 708-480-9282. or check out there new website:

ISTSS, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies On Line

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