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Cult Solutions Investigation, Research, Consultation An International Organization with expertise in Criminal, Forensic, Religious and Clinical Analysis in the area of Cults, the Occult, Satanic Activities and related Terrorism.
Lyndall Briggs, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists)
The Kingsgrove Hypnosis and Counselling Centre, 64 Shaw Street, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208, Australia
Phone: 02 93311440 (Work), 02 95543350 (Home), Fax: 02 95544742

Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
MASH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists) NSW Counsellors Association

Smoking, Learn to enjoy yourself with self hypnosis, all problems discussed
Cert. Nutrition. Keyword: hypnotherapy
Jewell (Julie) R. Brown, M.A., CCBT
Work: 1000 Howard Avenue, Suite 1200, New Orleans, LA 70113
Home: P. O. Box 184, Slidell, LA 70459
Phone: (504) 866-9554 messages (Work), (504) 865-0052 (Home)

National:  CertCognitiveBehavTherapist #10840, CertRationalAddictionsTherapist #11803
Member of American Counseling Association Member of Chi Sigma Iota Member of the LA Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LACADV) Member of National Assoc. Cognitive Behavioral Therapists Member of International Assoc. Addictions and Offender Counselors
Employed as a Case Manager and Counselor (individual & groups) at a Battered Woman's Crisis Shelter & it's Transitional Shelter
Interests: Sexual Trauma (DID, PTSD) Addictions Domestic Violence Child Abuse
Working on Doctoral Studies in Psychology (PsyD)
Lynley Christian, MRC (Ohio License C5950, Indiana license pending)
New Beginnings, 1 E. High St. Office B, P.O. Box 352, Liberty, IN 47353
Phone: (765) 458-5071 and (765) 458-5471 (Work), (513) 524-3036 (Home),
Fax: 765-458-5071
Web site: (coming soon?)

I have a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling (MRC). Experienced in treatment of all age groups and clinical settings. I am licensed in the state of Ohio and will soon be licensed in the state of Indiana which has just begun licensing Professional Counselors. I do a great deal of forensic work including custody evaluations. My professional interests include: Sexual trauma, marital therapy yet my practice is extremely diverse. I also provide MMPI-2 evaluations.

I am a member of AMCHA, IAAC, IMCHA. Keywords: Counseling, marriage, marital, teens, depression, forensic, psychological evaluations.

Paul Gunter, DMin (NC LMFT #790  and  SC LMFT #2375)
Center for Positive Family Living - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
NC  Office: 117 W. Barnwell St., Hendersonville, NC 28792
SC Office: #9 Lavinia Ave., Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (800) 449-1781; (828) 697-2680 (Home); Fax: (864) 242-9489

American Association of Pastoral Counselors American Association of Christian Counselors Employee Assistance Professional Association

Gina Halkias Fitzmartin M.Ed., CAC
1824 Murray Ave., Suite 303, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: (412) 421-8020 (Work); (412) 521-3338 (Home)
Web site:
I have been in this field for 18 years and currently am in private practice. I am certified in addictions, Gestalt therapy and sexual assault counseling. I am a member of AAGT, NAADAC, Pa. Task Force on Women and Addiction. NEDO and ANRED. I work with individuals, groups and couples. I also teach and provide supervision to other psychotherapist. I specialize in eating disorders, sexual/physical abuse and addictions.
Keywords: eating disorders sexual/physical abuse addictions mind/body work
Barbara Headley, BSN, RN, CEDS (NJ Registered Nurse # 85394, CEDS #424)
Private Practice Therapist
Tower Medical Bldg. Ste. 3, 737 Main St., Mt. Holly, NJ 08060
Phone: (609) 261-6463 (Work); (856) 273-8582 (Home); Fax: (609) 261-6715

Member ISSD, IAEDP, International Assoc. for Eating Disorders Professional Eating Disorder Assoc. My specialty is Eating Disorders and related issues and mental disorders.

Keywords: Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

Israel Institute for the Treatment and Study of Stress: Maytal (ENGLISH version)
Professionals at the institute come from the fields of clinical psychology, clinical social work, psychiatry, couples and family therapy and expressive arts therapy.
Hope E. Morrow, M.A., M.F.C.C.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2573, Culver City, CA  90231
Phone: (310) 397-4592
Web site:
New York Counseling Service
James E. Williams, CSW, Director
1070 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Joanna Poppink, MA ( State of California Licensure: Marriage, Family and Child Counselor)
Private Practice Psychotherapist
10573 West Pico Blvd. # 20, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 474-4165 (Work)
Web site: Joanna Poppink, MA - At Health Mental Health Professionals

People with eating disorders, particularly compulsive overeating and bulimia, find their way to self confidence, healthy limits and restraint in their work, personal life and relationships plus find relief from anxiety, loneliness and despair. What seemed like uncontrollable eating disorder energy gets transformed into productive and creative effort that brings more joy and genuine satisfaction into their lives.

Each person's pace and path is different. I do my best to work with people in ways that are more effective for them at the time. This always includes respectful listening. Depending on the person's needs we will also use journal keeping, guided imagery, art, gardens and nature, dream work, daily life exploration,, and try to make sense out of any confusing or painful experiences in their lives that may contribute to what troubles them today.

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) The International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD) International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTS)

For more information, click on these URLs: Chaos and complexity as theoretical grounding for psychotherapeutic listening; Self-Help & Psychology Eating Disorders Index; or Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C.

Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C., psychotherapist in private practice, licensed in 1980 (310) 474-4165

Keywords: bulimia, compulsive overeating, trauma, anxiety, separation, healing, support, strength, self-awareness, courage, respect, patience, kindness.

Glen Prince, MEd - Texas LPC #14687
Licensed Professional Counselor - Therapeutic Family Life, 3212 Concord, Suite C, Orange, TX 77630
Phone: (409) 886-5111 (Work), (409) 883-7637 (Home), Fax: (409)886-8148
Member of American Counseling Association, Texas Counseling Association, and Sabine Area Counselors Association. I have been working with foster children, most of whom have been sexually abused, for nearly two years. I conduct sexual perpetrator groups for my agency and my county. I also counsel victims of abuse for a an agency in a neighboring county.
Mark Reaves, MA
Psychiatric Therapist, Johns Hopkins Community Psychiatry (COSTAR)
406 N. Bond St., Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: (410) 955-2206 (Work); Fax: (410) 955-6154

Member NACSW. Interested in treatment of sexual abuse/incest. Also interested in the integration of Christian principles in the treatment of survivors of sexual abuse/incest. Interested in personality disorders particularly borderline, narcissistic, and obsessive-compulsive. Interested in dissociative disorders.
George Ann Strader, MS - (North Carolina - Certified Social Worker A000083)
Director, Turning Point Behavioral Health Group
1564-B Union Road, Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: (704) 854-9854 (Work); Fax: (704) 854-8916
Web site: Turning Point Behavioral Health Group

George Ann Strader is the Director of Turning Point Behavioral Health Group. Our therapists specialize in mental health & substance abuse treatment for women and families in Gaston County North Carolina. A part of our program is providing DWI assessments & court mandated treatment services.

George Ann Strader is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the National Association of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors.

1) National Association of Social Workers - Member
2) National Association Alcohol And Drug Addiction Counselors - Member
3) Turning Point Behavioral Health Group specializes in mental health & substance abuse treatment for women and families.

Keywords: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Counseling, DWI Services

The Therapist Directory of San Diego
Mary L. Obata, Publisher
San Diego, CA
Phone: (858) 483-0876 (Work); Fax: (858) 483-0847
Web site: The Therapist Directory of San Diego

An online local directory containing comprehensive information about San Diego psychotherapists, including marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Keywords: therapist, directory, san Diego, psychotherapist, therapists, psychotherapists, licensed, marriage, family, counselor, counselors, clinical, social, worker, workers, psychologist, psychologists, psychiatrist, psychiatrists

Cathie Witty - student - Master's in Family Therapy
Nova Southeastern University - Dept. of Dispute Resolution
3301 College Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
Phone: (954) 262-3008 (Work); (954) 462-3097 (Home); Fax: (954) 262-3968
Web site:

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